Held in conjunction with:

Seventh IEEE International Symposium on
Cluster Computing and the Grid — CCGrid 2007

Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / May 14-17, 2007


The goal of the Latin America Grid (LAGrid) workshop is to act as a forum for technical presentations of ongoing research, development and relevant activities in the area of Grid Infrastructures, Services and Applications, in the context of and/or in partnership with Latin America. The event focuses on bringing together researchers and professionals actively working in this field, promoting multi-institutional collaborations between groups of diverse competences.

The LAGrid workshop gives particular attention to the Grid deployment initiatives in Latin America and the challenges they face as regards the distribution of and efficient access to scarce compute, storage and communication resources in this continent. Discussions and studies about new application areas and the potential impact of Grid technology in Latin America are also of main interest. Authors are therefore particularly encouraged to submit reports about their experiences in deploying Grid Infrastructures, Services and Applications.

The areas of interest in LAGrid 2007 include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyberinfrastructures in Latin America;
  • Impact of Grid technology in Latin America;
  • Applications for Latin America;
  • Middleware solutions for Latin America;
  • Promoting e-Science collaborations in Latin America;
  • Funding models supporting Latin America cyberinfrastructures;
  • Cost-effective solutions for Latin America;
  • Grid economy models for Latin America;
  • Role of Grids in broadening participation in science and education in Latin America.


MAY 15th

14:00h - Opening

14:10h - Keynote: The Current Situation and Perspectives for e-Science in Latin America

    Michael A. Stanton
      Director of Innovation
      Brazilian National Research and Education Network (RNP) – Brazil

14:45h - Technical Session: Promoting e-Science collaborations in LA

  • Building a Grid in Latin America: The EELA Project e-Infrastructure
    Diego Carvalho, Bernard Marechal, Pedro Henrique Rausch Bello
  • Bridging the High Performance Computing Gap: the OurGrid Experience
    Francisco Brasileiro, Eliane Araújo, William Voorslyus, Milena Pessoa Micheli Oliveira, Flavio de Figueiredo
  • Latin American Perspectives on Grid Computing, from Bahia Blanca, Argentina
    Javier Echaiz, Jorge Ardenghi

16:00h - BREAK

16:30h - Keynote: Towards Truly Ubiquitous Cyberinfrastructure 

    James D. Myers
      Associate Director, Cyberenvironments and Technologies
      National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) – US
    Abstract: As Cyberinfrastructure (CI) continues to advance in terms of capability and aggregate capacity, new scientific use patterns are emerging within and across disciplines, and community scientific plans are being made that assume the availability of ubiquitous CI. NCSA has coined the term cyberenvironments to recognize that addressing the needs of next-generation science, adapting to the changing use patterns for CI, and supporting a broader range of users will require a rethinking of both middleware and user interfaces. This talk will provide an analysis of how scientific use of CI is changing and outline the types of responses in terms of software capabilities and middleware design patterns that will be needed for CI to truly become ubiquitous.

17:15h - Technical Session: Middleware solutions for LA

  • Development of a Robust and Flexible Weblab Framework based on AJAX and Design Patterns
    Ariadne Cruz, Fábio Gomes, Fabbryccio Cardoso, Ernesto Barrientos, Dalton Arantes
  • A Classification for the Implementations of Heterogeneous Strong Migration of Computations
    Anolan Milanes, Noemi Rodriguez, Bruno Schulze
  • QEF supporting complex querying applications
    Fabio Porto, Vinicius da Silva, Othman Tajmouati, Bruno Schulze, Fausto Ayres

MAY 16th

14:00h - Technical Session: Grid applications for LA

  • TVGrid: A Grid Architecture to use the idle resources on a Digital TV network
    Carlos Batista, Tiago Maritan U. de Araújo, Derzu Omaia, Thiago dos Anjos, Giuliano Maia Lins de Castro, Francisco Brasileiro, Guido Lemos de Souza Filho
  • A Computer-Aided Diagnostic System using a Global Data Grid Repository for the Evaluation of Ultrasound Carotid Images
    Marco Gutierrez, Silvia Lage, Jasper Lee, Zheng Zhou
  • Applications ported to the EELA e-Infrastructure
    Diego Carvalho, Bernard Marechal, Pedro Henrique Rausch Bello, Rafael Mayo

15:15h - Closing


Workshop Chairs:
Antonio Tadeu A. Gomes - LNCC, BR
Elias P. Duarte Jr. - UFPR, BR
Michael A. Stanton - RNP, BR

Steering Committee:
Bruno Schulze - LNCC, BR
Geoffrey Fox - University of Indiana, US
Richard Aló - University of Houston-Downtown, US
Thom Dunning - NCSA, US
Radha Nandkumar - NCSA, US

Program Committee

Álvaro Coutinho - UFRJ, BR
Bernard Marechal - EELA/UFRJ, BR
Bill St. Arnaud - CANARIE, CA
Claudio Geyer - UFRGS, BR
Dieter Kranzlmueller, Univ of Linz, AT
Ermanno Pietrosemoli - ULA, VE
Florencio Utreras - CLARA, CH
Francis Bu Sung - Nanyang Tech University, SG
Francisco Brasileiro - UFCG, BR
Francoise Baude - INRIA, FR
Ian Foster - ANL, US
Ines Dutra - UFRJ, BR
Jack Dongarra - UTK, US
Javier Diaz - UNLP, AR
Joel Saltz - Ohio State University, US
Lee Hing Yan - National Grid Office, SG

Luis Carlos Erpen de Bona - UFPR, BR
Lukas Nellen - UNAM, MX
Marcela Larenas - REUNA, CH
Marco Antonio Gutierrez - INCOR/USP, BR
Marcio Faerman - RNP, BR
Micah Beck - UTK, US
Michel Hurfin IRISA, FR
Moacyr Martucci - USP, BR
Rajkumar Buyya - University of Melbourne, AU
Reagan Moore - SDSC, US
Roberto Barbera - EELA/INFN, U. Catania, IT
Sergio Kofuji - USP, BR
Sérgio Novaes - UNESP, BR
Vicente Hernandez - EELA/UPV, ES
Wolfgang Gentzsch - DGrid, DE